Lost and Found by Jeff Scher

"Lost and Found" is an animated valentine to my favorite early animators.
There is a giddy joy in the possibility of (literally) anything on the screen coming alive and joining in the general chaos. Unlike most of today's feature animations, which seek to make the incredible credible, these animations celebrate the incredibleness of the worlds they drew, resulting in a kind of childlike surrealism.

This film is made of more than 2,000 watercolor paintings and drawings in a style I call "psychadelichrome," in which the color varies wildly from frame to frame while the forms remain consistent. The result is a kind of percussive shimmer.Shay Lynch created the music and it, too, celebrates the early cartoons through their jaunty scores.

This film was made for the NYTIMES.com/OPinion for my blog The Animated Life. 

Jeff Scher

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MrKiff Aug 14 '13
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