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'Evolution depends on there being a diversity of living things for natural selection to act on. The force that creates this diversity is called mutation.

Mutations are random alterations in our genes, the result of genes failing to copy themselves properly or exposure to radiation or other chemicals (called mutagens). 

Mutations can be minor, causing almost undetectable changes in the organism, such as a slightly longer neck, or they can be obvious, such as an extra limb. Most mutations hinder organisms, killing them before they get a chance to reproduce and pass on their genes. 

Snake showing vestigial claw.

Mutations that led to reduced limbs in snakes are among the rare mutations that created an advantage for the organism. The legs have been reduced so much that all that can be seen outside of the snake's skin is a single tiny claw.

However, occasionally a mutation improves an organism’s chances of survival or reproduction. In these rare situations, if the organism survives long enough to breed the mutation is passed down to the next generation.'
Natural History Museum Website (Quote) 

Click here for a website of mutated fruit and veg (real)

Click here for animals mutated using Photoshop (imaginary)


MrKiff Apr 21 '14
Hieronymus Bosch, a 15th Century painter, used fantastic imagery to illustrate moral and religious concepts and narratives. He would frequently depict bizarre creatures in his work.

MrKiff Apr 21 '14
The Chapman Brothers (contemporary British artists), played the 'game' of Exquisite Corpse that the Surrealists invented and rendered the separate sections of their imaginary creatures in great detail.

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