Year 10/11 GCSE Art (KF)





GCSE 2012-13 Student's Work click here.

Examples of animations and animators
Animation evaluation sheet

To insert animations into your blog: find your animation on Youtube (, copy the Youtube embed code, create a new video post on your blog by pressing the film camera icon and paste the code into it. 

Other links:

For the year 10 checklist click here

For the year 11 checklist click here

For Applique and Weaving artists click here

For Animation and Digital Photography sheets click here 

For the latest iPad photos you took click here

Exam Theme: Force

 For a range of artists and ideas click here

 For the exam checklist and dates click here

 For questions you might ask in your exam enquiry click here

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MrKiff Jan 12 '14
Matthias Brown:
MrKiff May 1 '13
Tierney Gearon is an artist that links to the work year 11 made using the iPad 'Blender' app, creating double exposure images and creating narratives/stories in photographs. Her website is

For a sheet on Tierney Gearon follow the link below:
MrKiff Apr 9 '13
'I build a pyramid' by Duane Michals 1978

MrKiff Apr 9 '13
Duane Michals is noted for two innovations in artistic photography developed in the 1960s and 1970s. First he 'told a story through a series of photos' as in his 1970 book 'Sequences' Second, he handwrote text near his photographs, thereby giving information that the image itself could not convey. - Wikipedia

'Glove' by Duane Michals
MrKiff Jan 21 '13
Click below for a sculptural textiles website:
MrKiff Jan 21 '13
Click on the link below for a Paper Textiles and Sculptures Powerpoint

MrKiff Jan 21 '13
'Tell a Tale' website from the V&A to help with making stories:
MrKiff Dec 6 '12
Click below for a sheet on Jan Svankmajer
MrKiff Dec 6 '12
Click below for a sheet on cut out animator Terry Gilliam.
MrKiff Dec 6 '12
This is a sheet on Cubomania and Weaving Photographs
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