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Paige's coursework starts here. Theme: Layers and Processes.
1. Food and Drink 

To view Paige's photos of food click here.
  MrKiff Jan 27 '14
paige cue May 13 '14
Early print experiments + evaluation.

What went well...

Next I plan to...

  paige cue May 13 '14
paige cue May 13 '14
Final print outcome + evaluation.

paige cue May 13 '14
Early stage of A2 drawing:

paige cue May 13 '14
Final A2 Drawing outcome:

MrKiff Oct 16 '14
Here is the link to your photos. They can be downloaded full size. How about cropping out sections that you want to use? Explain what your idea is or what it could be.
Click here

The Sigmar Polke you were interested in was in this kind of style:

This is quite easy to do and to adjust. I can teach you how to do it. 

  MrKiff Oct 16 '14