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We caught up with artist and filmmaker Laure Prouvost in her studio to discuss her work, which launches the ICA’s National Moving Image Programme later this month at venues around the country.

MrKiff · Jan 13 '14 · Tags: ica
ICA Film and Cinema Co-ordinator James King introduces Craig Balwin’s Mock Up on Mu (2008), the opening film of Oh Liberty!, an ICA Cinematheque season examining notions of freedom at the end of the Western frontier. I first encountered the work of … Read more

MrKiff · Nov 5 '13 · Tags: ica
A mysterious video clip surfaced recently on YouTube: high-angle surveillance on wet road, the cabin of a truck with a seductive geometry of wheels and gears, thumping skull-rattling underlay of drums and bass. Monochrome or colour-desaturated European motorways: after Wenders, … Read more

MrKiff · Nov 1 '13 · Tags: ica
Artist Eloise Hawser explains the composition of her vitrine in the ICA Off-Site project A Journey Through London Subculture: 1980s to Now. The project runs until Sunday 3 November 2013 at The Old Selfridges Hotel. The photos below are taken … Read more

MrKiff · Oct 31 '13 · Tags: ica
For the ICA Blog, Student Forum member Hatty Nestor considers whether an institution’s identity should be tied to its designated physical space. ‘…We ultimately aim to illustrate a lineage of artistic endeavour that more often than not falls outside the … Read more

MrKiff · Oct 30 '13 · Tags: ica
Writer and fashion editor Iain R Webb talks us through the inspiration behind the vitrine he curated for our Off-Site Project A Journey Through London Subculture: 1980s to Now. In keeping with the spirit of the exhibition I wanted to … Read more

MrKiff · Oct 29 '13 · Tags: ica
The ICA Bookshop has put together a brand new reading list to accompany the latest exhibition Lutz Bacher: Black Beauty. All of the titles are available online or in our Bookshop on the Mall. Aesthetics of Installation Art Juliane Rebentisch … Read more

MrKiff · Oct 29 '13 · Tags: ica
Selfridges Bright Young Thing Alan Taylor is a London-based, Irish-born menswear designer, who creates collections that explore the idea of juxtaposition in both concept and silhouette. He strives to achieve a balance between abstract conceptual design and commercial accessibility, creating … Read more

MrKiff · Oct 29 '13 · Tags: ica
Selfridges Bright Young Thing Eleanor Davies is a 23 year old sculptor who produces artworks, installations and accessories. Highlighting our desire to change, fetishise and re-invent the things around us, she creates work that invites touch and evokes imagined rituals. … Read more

MrKiff · Oct 29 '13 · Tags: ica
Ahead of a screening of the work of Korean-born multi-disciplinary artist Theresa Hak Kyung Cha on Saturday 26 October, we caught up with Bea de Souza, director of The Agency Gallery and curator of the exhibition A Portrait in Fragments: … Read more

MrKiff · Oct 29 '13 · Tags: ica
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