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And other excerpts from our coverage 100, 75, 50, and 25 years ago Read More

MrKiff · Apr 1 '14 · Tags: artnews international
Masterworks, manuscripts, mosaics, royal jewels, devotional sculpture, and blinged-out arms and armor feature in exhibitions devoted to the arts of Byzantium, Buddhism, Islam, West Africa, the Samurai, the Andes, and more Read More

MrKiff · Jan 16 '14 · Tags: artnews international
Versatile, sensuous, malleable, as basic as mud and as old as art itself, clay is increasingly emerging as a material of choice for a wide range of contemporary artists Read More

MrKiff · Jan 15 '14 · Tags: artnews international
A new exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York showcases works by Martin Wong and his street-artist friends Keith Haring, Lady Pink, Lee Quiñones, Dondi, and many more Read More

MrKiff · Jan 14 '14 · Tags: artnews international
A show at the American Folk Art museum features wondrous outfits inspired by objects in the collection Read More

MrKiff · Jan 13 '14 · Tags: artnews international
An evocative project about the presence of absence at a museum whose beloved Old Masters disappeared in a notorious heist Read More

MrKiff · Nov 4 '13 · Tags: artnews international
A new guide decodes 146 essential buzzwords, movements, and trends of the postwar art world. How many do you know? Read More

MrKiff · Oct 31 '13 · Tags: artnews international
The curators of the trove of masterpieces owned by the Queen of England are working to devise new and exciting ways to display them Read More

MrKiff · Oct 30 '13 · Tags: artnews international
In a male-dominated art season, here’s where to find female artists who cut, change the rules, explore new horizons, and do it gangsta-style Read More

MrKiff · Oct 29 '13 · Tags: artnews international
Paper—sculpted, cast, punctured, sewn into—is the primary medium of Zarina, the Indian-born artist who weaves into her work Urdu calligraphy and the spirit of literature from around the world  Read More

MrKiff · Oct 29 '13 · Tags: artnews international
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